Oodles of Noodles

IMG_0781 Of course, pasta comes in all shapes and sizes.  Spaghetti is the all time favorite, but don’t stop there……

IMG_0770 Get a little creative, try a new shape. Shown: Whole Wheat medium Shells, Rotelle (wagon wheels) and Farfalle ( butterfly or bowtie)

IMG_0691 Wheat Rotini, perfect spirals which let the sauce soak in.

IMG_0753 Angel Hair. Coupled with a white sauce or pesto, this is a nice change to traditional spaghetti.

IMG_0782 Pictured: More shells (Conchiglioni) and Orzo.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with new pasta shapes and types. Now available in wheat, gluten free, vegetable blends and multigrain. Consider letting your children make the shopping selections, chances are they might gobble down what they’ve helped to choose for dinner.








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