Mormon Mama Italian Cookbook has coveted meatball recipes! Always best made by hand, yet if you get in a sticky mess try using an ice cream or cookie scoop. Prepare with fresh ingredients and you can’t go wrong.

IMG_0818    IMG_0821

BACON! It’s popular again, and aren’t we glad? Try Spaghetti Alla Carbonara on page 55.  This meal was sold on the streets of Italy and cooked on coal fires in years gone by. Very rich and flavorful.

Bacon   Pasta with sauce

In Mormon Mama Italian Cookbook you’ll find many sauce recipes. This one is amazing: Perfection White Sauce found on page 113. Heavy Cream, butter, fresh Parmesan cheese,…. you get the idea. Just a few ingredients, but it makes a heavenly creation.

Perfection White Sauce   Ravioli

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